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Intelligent Choice

AI-Powered Business Applications

Intelligent Choice is an AI startup company based in New Zealand. It creates Apps and platforms that are intentionally designed to be deployed globally, are highly disruptive, and create significant first-mover advantages for businesses that adopt them.

This website showcases our Property Search App which leverages Artificial Intelligence techniques including Image Recognition and Natural-language Understanding alongside Human-centred Design to deliver a highly productive and personalised environment for both Buyer’s and Agents. 

Meet the Executive Team

CEO/Founder Intelligent Choice

Travis is an User Experience (UX) specialist that embodies Agile and advocates for Human-Centred Design (HCD). A natural leader with a passion for creating platforms that revolutionise how people and companies think and interact. 

Travis holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance & Economics from Canterbury University and Master of Interaction Design & Electronic Arts (with Distinction) from The University of Sydney. 

Travis Shaw

Founder: CEO
Head of Sales and Design

Co-Founder Intelligent Choice

Ricki is an experienced Consultant/Business Owner with a particular interest in leveraging disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing,  and Augmented Reality in Business

Ricki  holds a Bachelor of Engineering (with Honours) in Electronics and a Masters in Business Administration
(with Distinction) from the University of Canterbury

Ricki Shaw

Head of Technology & Data