Leveraging AI in Real Estate

There has to be a better way!

Searching for a home can be problematic. Buyer’s are forced to scroll through pages of property listings, most of which are a poor match to their wants and needs, all while Buyer’s Agents are struggling to team up with Motivated Buyer’s. It’s an absolute mess!

The Intelligent Choice Property Search App leverages Artificial Intelligence techniques such as Image Recognition, Interaction Analysis, and Personalisation to create a highly productive environment for both Buyers and Agents

Key Stakeholder Value Propositions

Buyers Agents and Sellers

It is a struggle for buyers agents to establish their brand and reputation throughout the real estate industry. Finding new clients while maintaining a viable income stream is difficult.

IC connects motivated buyers through the app to buyers agents looking to deliver personalised search experiences that build long-term success and recognition throughout the real estate industry.

IC streamlines the property search experience for buyers, an end-to-end personalised experience to help find their dream home more effectively and efficiently.

Currently, portal sites do not provide listing agents a view of buyers that have liked/saved their listings. IC provides a list of buyers agents that have clients who have shortlisted your properties. Maximising the reach of listing agents to potential buyers, which is critical when delivering fast sales and higher prices to their clients.

Sellers reap the benefits provided by IntelligentChoice, increasing their reach to motivated buyers that will pay a premium for what they want. Faster sales, higher prices, and an overall better experience.

Agencies and Franchises

With a significant percentage of new agents dropping out of the real estate industry after 1-2 years.

IntelligentChoice recognises how disruptive and costly the effect of agent churn has on real estate agencies.

Our hope is that buyers agents will adopt the app and recognise its value. We offer a ‘try before you buy’ licence to encourage word-of-mouth promotion throughout all levels of agency.

First mover advantage, regardless of the industry, creates value across all levels of a franchise.

IntelligentChoice aims to promote early adopters of AI driven property search as thought leaders throughout the real estate industry, an opportunity to lock in significant shareholder value.


IntelligentChoice expands the marketing reach of portal sites through the app, adding significant value to seller marketing package offerings.

IntelligentChoice will work exclusively with one portal (across each country) to deliver this value, a truly unique and exclusive opportunity available to their shareholders.